I've been hearing about Mastodon for a while and I'm willing to try it out. Last night I learned that you can't keep your identity should an instance be shut down, which I am not a fan of. I was thinking maybe someone could build something on top of git, where as you gpg sign all your commits (messages/replies) and you can refer to them across repos (instances) and your gpg key *is* your identity. The biggest hurdle is probably user experience around key management. Like Bitcoin.

@LarryBitcoin maybe you want to use keybase for identity management? It won't help with recovering your tweets/follows/etc. but at least you will be able to prove you're the same person on the different instance/platform.

@kekcoin I used it in the past but not a fan of by default keeping your private key on their servers (albeit encrypted with a user password). Seems the wrong approach. You can upload just the public key (as I've done) but I had some trouble with using this setup with their chat system at the beginning and never tried again.

@LarryBitcoin Ah yeah, it doesn't work for me either because it is very much not set up for multiple identities/compartmentalization.



@kekcoin @LarryBitcoin
Keybase.io doesn't hate Bitcoin. They just make dumb partnerships for cash.

The Nakamoto Institute keybase.io chat (NakamotoInst.Public) is a great Bitcoin-maximalist group, & was one of the first public keybase chat group. Unfortunately the conversation in it has since died.

@Maskoficarus @LarryBitcoin @kekcoin That linked blog post was a hit piece on Bitcoin. If they did it only for the money instead of actually representing their opinion, I think that speaks even worse about them.
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