The RvsW news hit Facebook today.
Judging by my feed, liberal gays were hit hardest.

Starting to think it's intentional that they're flipping the NPCs between contradictory policy positions. Dissonance is a powerful tool.

You can't peacefully fight evil if you can't make a coherent argument.

How long until people start identifying as multiple genders at once?

Gender fluidity is just the first step.

I'm getting so many angry responses to my shitposting about Encanto.

Episode 392 of Bitcoin And . . . UntappedGrowth is LIVE!

Topics for today:
- @untappedgrowth
- Healing land and people
- Respecting animals and their power


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Early bitcoiners are traumatized by our experiences during the formative years. We default to the most secure, trust-minimized option in all circumstances.

However, this mentality will evolve over time as infrastructure matures (for small % of stack)

banks by @halfin:

I'm going to preemptively go on record: I'm against the war with Iran.

I thought bitcoinhackers might like this: a display of lock mechanisms from the 1500’s, seen in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. There are some pretty wild designs in there.

How to guard valued possessions is a timeless question. Some things change, others stay the same!

"You only have to run an archive node when you're a block explorer." and the few who run an archive node are some weird people?

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Big scary nodes lead to Ethereum Woes H/T @Catheryne_N


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