For the last year we held and traded .
The price was propped when enthusiasm dwindled, and you could time it with Ver increasing his misleading tweets.
Predictable trading netted extra without increasing bags.

The marketing video removing "cash" indicated desperation.

From Bitmain's IPO deck, the price floor can't be held much longer.

As of August 3 hodl wallets are long-term capital gains.

There is no longer any reason for hodling or trading long .


Price shouldn't be the main selling point.

The idiot celebrities have destroyed this coin by allowing con-man CSW and his minions to turn it into a drama filled shitshow.

I agree entirely that price is near meaningless to quality right now.
Originally held BCH to spread my risk, because there was no reason both coins couldnt survive and thrive.
There was no guarantee on segwitt not having flaws. Splitting the hashrate meant 51% attacks were much more possible.
The shitshow, is exactly why I eventually only traded to increase my BTC.

@MascapDK I agree with this observation- something seems different this time as BCH is less than 0.1 yet no one is pumping.

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