is not a cult. Please join me in saying Satoshi's Prayer. I made this. Prayer was adapted.

@VoluntaryPotato Hello Mr Potato, I would also like to join the Bitcoin AC/DC cover band!

First bids are in, thank you. Lightning auction @scaredotcity

@nikcantmine CNN would never lie. Maybe you're holding your phone upside down and it's actually going down.

@NunyaBidness Thank you for that! When I'm logged in on the web there is no pin option. Are you using an app perhaps? I'm just logging into in a browser.

@NunyaBidness Thank you, but I can not find any pin option under any of those menus. I need help with the VCR remote! 😂

@NunyaBidness @jgettbtc are you using an app? I don't see any pin option on the website.

@Baphomet they are trying to justify their lack of bitcoin to themselves. They are jealous. Not great friends. Sorry.

Hello. It's me the Bitcoin roller coaster guy - guy.

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