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If anyone knows #Go and is looking for a project to help out with, Go-based #Signal protocol implementation library and a native #SailfishOS Signal client using it are in dire need of love:

Yes, I also prefer truly decentralized protocols, but Signal is where it's at currently with a lot of people, and it's way better than other popular options... So, we need independent clients.

#InfoSec #FreeSoftware

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Someone just mentioned #uploadfilter are protecting a minority called "authors", this is wrong:
Since "web 2.0" users are the authors.

Platforms, newspaper agencies, collecting societies,... are the "real minority" (just with power).
#Article13 + #Article11 are protecting them!

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Looks like Germany sold out the Internets (in the context of #Article11 and #Article13) for France agreeing to Nord Stream 2:

Realpolitik at its best.

And now we will probably get fscked over with terrible, absolutist copyright law.

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inside every great idea is a finished product that nobody wants to maintain

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Someone is spoofing GPS signals at a car show in Geneva:

I like th supposition that it's to highlight the danger of relying on GPS for self-driving cars and navigation.

Soft-opening hackerspacea u Sarajevu počinje u 17:00 h, Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 8, odmah prekoputa Markala.


IT crew, you're welcome!


First hackerspace in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is opening today at 17:00 h.

Come and join us!

Hack the planet!

Coinbase just hired three former employees of Hacking Team, surveillance vendor in cooperation with various government and security services/agencies.

Blockchain and Bitcoin exist for the people to escape financial surveillance. But blockchain can also be powerful surveillance tool.
And now it is happening.

Decentralization, freedom and privacy before anything else! And keep your private keys! Stop using exchanges.

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I love finding stuff like this.. its buried treasure

'Landley's Computer History Page'

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Guy talks about the coffeeshops in amsterdam abd the differences with the cannabis shops in canada and california:

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I think we should rethink about phrase " It is time for plan B".

Bitcoin is not plan B.
It's plan A.
And in the future, it will be only plan that we have for our financial freedom.

Stop financial surveillance!

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Ne možemo ni potvrditi ni negirati naše postojanje. // We can neither confirm nor deny our existence.

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Protonmail now has short, free handles, like this...

[email protected]
nice 🤗

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3 Upcoming #cryptoparties:
HCPP. More info soon...

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Descon 2018:
DesCon 4.0 is the fourth 48-hour annual community and capacity building event focused on the security of The Internet of Things, robotics, electronics and wearables.

Registration and submissions are open! :owi:

#IoT #Security #Privacy #crypto #Serbia #robotics #electronics #3Dprinting

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Still waiting on my established targets, so a bit of a rant.
I'm getting sick of people taking charts from 2014, cut-n-pasting, and saying that's the future.
If it was that easy, every idiot would be laughing on the way to the bank. Just because you call it a "fractal" doesn't mean its anything close to one. Bolting on a few buzzwords doesn't make it a forecast, its complete and utter folly. Also, in my experience it is easier to detect trend changes than magnitude.

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