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is the greatest discovery of human civilization.

The foundation of ALL social contracts is trust, and money is the quintessential embodiment of human trust.

Live in awe, for the first time in human history, we have money that is incorruptible & unconfiscatable.

The more fiat is produced, the more gold is produced. Regardless of how much is printed, emission remains the same and continues to decline, Bitcoin is truly scarce, youtu.be/ppGN5Po5jMg

Parler is down, Gab is slow, I think the federated approach with Fediverse & Mastodon is worth a try. Join thousands of bitcoiners and let's grow an alternative to Twitter! Sign up with Bitcoinhackers.org

Phone apps available e.g. Tusky, Amaroq


Slack, Twitter, Medium

has transitioned to

Mattermost, Mastodon, Email

We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

Bitcoin Mastodon

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