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@GhostLimburg3rt @onthebrinkie @BdGBertdeGroot @MaxBitbuybit Lost the "r" 😅😅

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Wet verplaatsing bevolking gaat gebruikt worden. Dit is echt een noodwet

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Here at Miami airport freezing cold. People that complain about energy use should look at airconditioning first

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Wie heeft er al 30% loonsverhoging gevraagd aan z’n baas?

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Created this special edition “⚡️tipping point” for my friends at @BloemBitcoin.. Need one? Hook me up!

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Global equities vs. global bonds, annual returns, 1977-2022

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Ok bitcoin twitter, what're your best resources for explaining to regular folks why bitcoin energy use is good and necessary and will help the world move to cleaner energy sources? A couple well-written articles would be very handy

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"A private key is information, which means that possession is knowledge—secret knowledge. In that sense, "owning" bitcoin is knowing a secret. This fact is why you can hold bitcoin in your head. In Bitcoin, "owning" is knowing."

dergigi.com/2022/04/03/inalien twitter.com/dergigi/status/151

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@fuckroeper @GhostLimburg3rt @jaijairry @hulzebos_diana Goud is in het verleden al vaak afgepakt door overheden.

Bitcoin is onmogelijk om te verbieden of af te pakken op grote schaal

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I kept hearing about it. I ignored it. I’m in now. If only I’d got in sooner. -Everyone. Forever.

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Last year’s theme was FUCK ELON. My theme for @TheBitcoinConf this year should be:

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should have named it the fuck you money conference, maybe next year

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50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. @CNBC

Everyone knows the system is screwed up yet few want to address the issue.

isn’t investing, it’s savings so you can protect yourself from financial implosion.

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