Donald Trump: admittedly a great internet troll, maybe the greatest, but politically a complete failure.

The most awesome thing of the whole presidency, storming the Congress: he distanced himself from it.

The only possible final fireworks, the juicy pardons: not even one.

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No Assange, Snowden, or Ulbricht.

Multisig-first Bitcoin wallet with an easy feature to add "contacts", aka friends, family and plebs who will participate in quorum.

Better yet if coordination can happen P2P over an encrypted messaging channel (i.e. lightning). Easy peer discovery can also enable a P2P multisig marketplace.

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"We need to think very optimistically and act very pessimistically."

- @giacomozucco

Wondering if we could eventually switch from Github to a pure Git-based system, like git-appraise, i.e., tracking issues and pull requests as git notes. That'd allow us to simply build tooling on top of git instead of going through a centralized web-service.

Not the easiest to get users to use, but with good gateways exposing a simple UI to users could bridge that gap.

Would you use something like this?

@LightningK0ala @EndFiat if you're using LND, @openoms created a list of altruistic towrers you should be able to connect to here

If you use c-lightning, I'd suggest you give a look to The Eye of Satoshi (

I'm the main dev of the latter, so feel free to ping me for any help with that.

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