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For me, Bitcoin has be er been about getting rich quick. It's always been about hope. Governments and powerful elites use fiat money for evil. Bitcoin is a hope for the separation of money and state.

We're still early. None of my IRL friends are remotely interested in bitcoin. I have stickers on my laptop and most of the time I wear a bitcoin cap. In the past 5 years, I've met six people who' heard of bitcoin--3 shitcoiners, 2 blockchain not bitcoin boomers, and one who bought a single bitcoin on coinbase after watching some mainstream news show.

The American experiment failed not because humans are incapable of governing themselves, but because they can’t mind their own business. They insist on governing others.

I haven’t been here in a while. I figure censorship is only going to get worse so I better make sure my account here is active. I don’t want to miss the real news once bitcoiners start getting booted from Twitter.

My teenager asked if I would show him how to use @Bisq today after work.

I have a lightning node that currently has no open channels. Is there a strategy I should be using to open channels? Should I find a shop on 1 ML that I think I’ll be likely to business with? Should I find a node like me that doesn’t have a channel open and open a channel with it? Should I open one with

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What a bad (frankly, embarrassing) day for constitutional and fiscal conservatism. The Senate confirms Bill Barr as attorney general, congressional leaders conspire to advance a $333 billion wasteful spending bill, and @[email protected] plans to declare an emergency for a non-emergency. 🤦‍♂️

I used a Coinstar machine to convert change into bitcoin. The user experience was poor and I got raped in fees, but had fun anyway.

@402PaymentRequired I’ve been watching your Wasabi videos. Suppose someone has coinbase coins on a Ledger Nano S. They send those coins to Wasabi for anonymizing. Is generating a new wallet with the ledger sufficient to store the Wasabi coins, or does the ledger need reset or is an entirely new hardware wallet needed to ensure anonymity?

@402PaymentRequired I’m following your fantastic videos to redo my system. I went with lubuntu to save as much space on my hard drive as practical. Bitcoin core over tor, works great. Electrum + HW works great. EPS = Fail. I may download the latest version of EPS and try to go it alone. Any ideas?

Swapped one of my last shitcoin bags for BTC. I should have done it ages ago. Now, if a couple whales could orchestrate a good old fashion pump on Coin Magi, XMG, that would help a brother out. :bull:

@402PaymentRequired Question about video 19. If I have a ledger nano s already linked to the ledger wallet, can I still use it with electrum or do I need to send the Satoshis to another wallet first. Do I need to reset the ledger?

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