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@402PaymentRequired I’m following your fantastic videos to redo my system. I went with lubuntu to save as much space on my hard drive as practical. Bitcoin core over tor, works great. Electrum + HW works great. EPS = Fail. I may download the latest version of EPS and try to go it alone. Any ideas?

Swapped one of my last shitcoin bags for BTC. I should have done it ages ago. Now, if a couple whales could orchestrate a good old fashion pump on Coin Magi, XMG, that would help a brother out. :bull:

@402PaymentRequired Question about video 19. If I have a ledger nano s already linked to the ledger wallet, can I still use it with electrum or do I need to send the Satoshis to another wallet first. Do I need to reset the ledger?

STILl HODLING. Is it too much to hope we have a slow fall to @ToneVays $1300 mark in March 2019 so I can accumulate more before the world catches on?


Tired of not being hated?
Wanna piss off EEEEEEEEERBODY in less than 15 seconds?

Just post this on social media! 😜

@ToneVays Makes a short trade and, BAM, becomes the most stable currency in the world.

The advancements behind Bitcoin are really pioneering. But using bitcoin is painless and requires basic computer skills.

is another great move that I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.

Mormon (LDS) church backs Utah medical marijuana legalization deal, even if November ballot initiative fails

I downloaded spark wallet and connected it to my lightning node. It doesn’t recognize the funds on my node. Anyone know if there a way to scan the network from the spark wallet?

Reading BCash Twitter I thought was at all time highs. When I look at the chart, it looks like a series of failed pumps attempting to get back to .1 . One of these days those dumps won’t pump.

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