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"Waste is a crime against society more than a business loss." — Taiichi Ohno

I got a lightning node running yesterday. I may or may not have lost the first $10 I sent to it :| If you think it’s too late in the game to buy bitcoin, try running a lightning node. It’s still early days.

Who needs shapeshift when you can just stop accepting shitcoins and focus on taking the good stuff

I’m getting tired waiting for the world to wake up from tax slavery.

I’m sick of talking about price. When my nocoiner friends sarcastically ask me about bitcoin price I’m telling them “I lost track, I’m in it for the anarchy”. They’re far less interested in that aspect of bitcoin.

Because they aren't willing to do the research to see "well regulated" at the time of writing meant well supplied. As an extension on that, we are all the unorganized militia 🙂

Looks like Litecoin and Bcash charts are correlated. Not good for Litecoin.

Thanks to Hackernoon, I’m about three days away from running a full node.

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