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@lukedashjr The poll confuses me. @nvk's opinion is the only one that matters. I like it here. I wish people would stop pissing him off.

@drbitcoinmd I've received two free stocks from robinhood. I traded them in for their fake btc. I have no idea how to get the money out. lel

I follow a lot of anarchists and agorists on the bird site. I'm leaving them behind, not following them here. Why do they all gotta be shitcoiners?

Peaceful non-cooperation has brought about two revolutions (that I know of) Gandhi in India and MLK In the USA. I'm here for the world wide peaceful non-cooperation revolution courtesy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

@Bitcoinlabrador @lukedashjr @raucao @amerika @alanturing @verretor most sex among animals looks more like rape than anything resembling human intimacy-especially animal "homosexuality." It's about establishing dominance.

@honeybadger69420 The ones I revered to are super intelegent. I think they've seen so much change in technology in their lifetime they see bitcoin as the cassette tape of money.

Unlike many braggadocious maximalists, I'm not 100% confident bitcoin will succeed. I live a mostly normie life. I stack sats when I can, but never more than I can stand to loose if it goes to zero tomorrow. I do it partly in the hope of a better world and partly as a hedge against money printer go brrrrrrr.

For me, Bitcoin has be er been about getting rich quick. It's always been about hope. Governments and powerful elites use fiat money for evil. Bitcoin is a hope for the separation of money and state.

We're still early. None of my IRL friends are remotely interested in bitcoin. I have stickers on my laptop and most of the time I wear a bitcoin cap. In the past 5 years, I've met six people who' heard of bitcoin--3 shitcoiners, 2 blockchain not bitcoin boomers, and one who bought a single bitcoin on coinbase after watching some mainstream news show.

@Keao I use a chrome plugin, but not for anything remotely private.

The American experiment failed not because humans are incapable of governing themselves, but because they can’t mind their own business. They insist on governing others.

@livestradamus I’m a fan of Reagan, but still disappointed in his presidency. His time for choosing speech is fantastic. It’s one of the things that turned me libertarian/anarchist. If Reagan couldn’t rein in government no one can.

@livestradamus And the American people will believe they are freedom fighters.

I haven’t been here in a while. I figure censorship is only going to get worse so I better make sure my account here is active. I don’t want to miss the real news once bitcoiners start getting booted from Twitter.

My teenager asked if I would show him how to use @Bisq today after work.

I have a lightning node that currently has no open channels. Is there a strategy I should be using to open channels? Should I find a shop on 1 ML that I think I’ll be likely to business with? Should I find a node like me that doesn’t have a channel open and open a channel with it? Should I open one with

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