My teenager asked if I would show him how to use @Bisq today after work.

I have a lightning node that currently has no open channels. Is there a strategy I should be using to open channels? Should I find a shop on 1 ML that I think I’ll be likely to business with? Should I find a node like me that doesn’t have a channel open and open a channel with it? Should I open one with

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What a bad (frankly, embarrassing) day for constitutional and fiscal conservatism. The Senate confirms Bill Barr as attorney general, congressional leaders conspire to advance a $333 billion wasteful spending bill, and @[email protected] plans to declare an emergency for a non-emergency. 🤦‍♂️

@TallTim The @coinstar BTC price was $3784 plus a 4% to fee, @CashApp price was $3573, no fee

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I used a Coinstar machine to convert change into bitcoin. The user experience was poor and I got raped in fees, but had fun anyway.

@Sosthene I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone too. I’ve been considering But, my iphone is so easy I almost forget it’s spying on me.

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@Sosthene Like everything the government does, they should do exactly the opposite. What we need is a reverse shutdown. Where all the workers deemed nonessential, like janitors in the US Parks Department continue to work, and those deemed essential, like congressmen, don’t get paid.

@Sosthene my dad worked in a factory that had a seasonal shutdown once a year for three weeks or so. He didn’t get back pay when they reopened either. So, the poor government workers can bite me.

@402PaymentRequired Yeah I’ve got Electrum +Personal server running. Seriously, I’ve been searching how to bitcoin on and off for a little over three years. I’ve learned more from your videos than anything else. I’m up to the Wasabi videos but haven’t downloaded it yet.

@402PaymentRequired let’s just say I’m more like the cat than the penguin 😕

@402PaymentRequired I’ve been watching your Wasabi videos. Suppose someone has coinbase coins on a Ledger Nano S. They send those coins to Wasabi for anonymizing. Is generating a new wallet with the ledger sufficient to store the Wasabi coins, or does the ledger need reset or is an entirely new hardware wallet needed to ensure anonymity?

@Sosthene @402PaymentRequired shit, I bought into the POW change idea. I hated Bitmain having such a monopoly I never considered the game theory.

@TallTim @Sosthene I know more about bitcoin than anyone I know IRL. I know how to buy it, I know how to store it. And f withdrew all my fiat from the bank and bought bitcoin, I’d be rekt. I couldn’t pay my rent, buy food, put fuel in my car, etc. I would never recommend a noob try it, let alone a an entire country. Bitcoin isn’t ready.

@Sosthene @TallTim I would assume most people need the money in their bank account for life. And bitcoin isn’t super user friendly. So it’s a beautiful dream, but system has most of us by the balls.

@nickcook @TallTim when I was a noob and first got a hardware wallet, I really wanted one that would connect to my phone. I spent a lot of time searching google for one. Now, I just don’t see the point. Even if there were mass adoption and I could buying beer and pizza with $BTC, I wouldn’t want to fumble with a Ledger. I just wouldn’t have a large amount on my phone.

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