I used a Coinstar machine to convert change into bitcoin. The user experience was poor and I got raped in fees, but had fun anyway.

@402PaymentRequired I’m following your fantastic videos youtube.com/channel/UC_62FowZP to redo my system. I went with lubuntu to save as much space on my hard drive as practical. Bitcoin core over tor, works great. Electrum + HW works great. EPS = Fail. I may download the latest version of EPS and try to go it alone. Any ideas?

@ToneVays Makes a short trade and, BAM, becomes the most stable currency in the world.

Reading BCash Twitter I thought was at all time highs. When I look at the chart, it looks like a series of failed pumps attempting to get back to .1 . One of these days those dumps won’t pump.

Looks like Litecoin and Bcash charts are correlated. Not good for Litecoin.

Thanks to Hackernoon, I’m about three days away from running a full node.

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