@402PaymentRequired I’ve been watching your Wasabi videos. Suppose someone has coinbase coins on a Ledger Nano S. They send those coins to Wasabi for anonymizing. Is generating a new wallet with the ledger sufficient to store the Wasabi coins, or does the ledger need reset or is an entirely new hardware wallet needed to ensure anonymity?

@LibertyRex @402PaymentRequired

As long as Coinbase hasn't directly interacted with your ledger, and you use new, transactionally-empty addresses on your ledger to return your CoinJoin'd coins you should be fine.

I also highly suggest not using the official Ledger Software and switching over to Electrum as your interface (You may have already done this, but I'm just putting this out there).


If that your ledger has been kept away from web-apps or wallets that leak your Pubkey, no problem.

If you're not sure, it would be a good opportunity to create a new seed (with the ledger you can do it offline) and start from scratch connected to the Electrum Personal Server.

I don't know what your situation is...

@402PaymentRequired let’s just say I’m more like the cat than the penguin 😕


If you understand the issues, you should know what to do.

- There's no point in coinjoining if you then don't rigorously manage your outputs (wallet with coin control)

- If you want to keep keys offline, the easiest way with a ledger is go Electrum+Personal server

If you're not ready to do all this properly, you should be in no hurry to anonymize your coins.

@402PaymentRequired Yeah I’ve got Electrum +Personal server running. Seriously, I’ve been searching how to bitcoin on and off for a little over three years. I’ve learned more from your videos than anything else. I’m up to the Wasabi videos but haven’t downloaded it yet.


If you have everything up and running, as I said, there's no harm in moving your anonymized bitcoin to a new set of private keys... just in case you did something stupid in the past ...😅

@LibertyRex You can move those outputs from Wasabi back to new addresses on the Ledger and no one would know they were associated with the old Coinbase Ledger addresses.

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