@LibertyRex ssshhh... our name is legion, because we are many 😉

@LibertyRex @Sosthene I really am interested to see how this affects their banking system. Could be a real wakeup call for the ones who haven't been paying attention globally.

@Sosthene @TallTim I would assume most people need the money in their bank account for life. And bitcoin isn’t super user friendly. So it’s a beautiful dream, but system has most of us by the balls.

@LibertyRex @TallTim the shift will be very slow, and it's not necessarily a bad thing

@LibertyRex @Sosthene Any journey begins with a single step. Or put another way, you miss 100% of the chances you don't take. I'm in Bitcoin for the long haul, you better believe it.

@TallTim @LibertyRex but that's precisely my point: things will play out in the long term, but a successful bank run next Saturday is very unlikely, and even if it happens I don't think it will serve us well, we need still a few more years to be ready to start on boarding that much people.

@Sosthene @TallTim @LibertyRex

And I bet the French are rollin' in dough!

You know... they'll pull out their millions from their banks. Is that right?

@Sosthene @TallTim @LibertyRex

That's what I thought...

Pull out ... what exactly from their banks? You are indebted AF ...

@402PaymentRequired @TallTim @LibertyRex maybe, stop paying their mortgage, if everyone do this it could be quite effective 😃

@TallTim @Sosthene I know more about bitcoin than anyone I know IRL. I know how to buy it, I know how to store it. And f withdrew all my fiat from the bank and bought bitcoin, I’d be rekt. I couldn’t pay my rent, buy food, put fuel in my car, etc. I would never recommend a noob try it, let alone a an entire country. Bitcoin isn’t ready.

@LibertyRex @TallTim more like we are not ready, but indeed I wouldn't recommend anyone going full bitcoin now, at the very least for now keep a few month worth expenses in fiat

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