@402PaymentRequired I’m following your fantastic videos to redo my system. I went with lubuntu to save as much space on my hard drive as practical. Bitcoin core over tor, works great. Electrum + HW works great. EPS = Fail. I may download the latest version of EPS and try to go it alone. Any ideas?


have you tried rebooting? 😅 😅 😅

* the Latest release of EPS works! You could try that...

@402PaymentRequired I’m gonna get this figured out by Jan 3 if I have stay up all night and miss the party. My first sovereign transaction will be a donation to your YouTube address.

@402PaymentRequired downloaded the latest release of EPS and it worked like a charm.


I barely know WTF I'm doing... but lubuntu has given me some issues in the past. I usually go for Xubuntu.

@402PaymentRequired lubunto is great. I mean it’s not great, and that’s why it suits my use case perfectly. This repurposed thin client is my dedicated bitcoin computer.

@402PaymentRequired @LibertyRex I've been using lubuntu for my node, and it works ok so far
Happy new year to all of you motherfuckers btw 🖕

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