Looks like Litecoin and Bcash charts are correlated. Not good for Litecoin.

@LibertyRex who knows if bitmain is liquidating both. they have the largest holdings in these two alts

@christinabahk @LibertyRex if this is true Bitmain's immense failure with BCH might be creating opportunity in LTC.

@shwackd @LibertyRex I would hope so for $LTC. Its been quietly sitting in the background for a long time. My hope is that someone will square away BTC-LTC atomic swaps to truly open up the market. But it seems that oracles are still a barrier.

@shwackd @LibertyRex When the mempool got crazy last year, i switched entirely to LTC transactions for nearly everything. If price stabilizes, it could be a good payment carrier

@christinabahk @shwackd I used to believe Charlie Lee’s silver to gold vision. I had more LTC than BTC back when BTC transaction fees were high. But I regret it. With lightning, I don’t se a use case for LTC. Will it pump again? Absolutely. But I’m going to sit it out, quietly hodling BTC.

@LibertyRex @christinabahk I hear you, but I also know that if Charlie Lee hadn't pushed for LTC on segwit first, then put a million dollars behind a segwit address to prove its viability, Bitcoin might have suffered more from roger and faketoshi's bcash attack. It was shortly after LTC segwit that BTC adopted segwit and took off to $20k. As a testnet for BTC I find it valuable.

@shwackd @LibertyRex I wonder if the 99M USD worth of LTC moved a few months ago was Charlie Lee moving them to the LTC foundation. That would have been nice. it only took 2.5 minutes to confirm and 0.40 cents for entire transactions. At that amount Bankies would blocked that for weeks, and eaten a huge chunk into fees. 😂

@LibertyRex @shwackd Lightning for BTC and LTC are nice but I'm also hoping for day when there are BTC/LTC atomic swaps.

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