Refreshing Mastadon by pulling down on the screen always results in a blank gray page that will not resolve itself until I type into the browser and hit enter.

The best way to redistribute wealth is through unstoppable voluntary commerce devoid of power brokers.

I love how is Revealing the Con Game the Fiat Wealthy use too stay Wealthy

Mastodon sucks, but it’s better than no backup plans.

Nobody is going to defend Ethereum with their lives.

RT @notgrubles
I can privately sync a Lightning node via geosynchronous satellite. You're not going to impress me with altcoins.

@nvk please let JW in. He’s a valuable nym to many maximalists, even if ya’ll disagree.

All Maximalists need to pay the shitcoin price before seeing the light. 😭💡

@seanstacking we're still in citadel discovery phase. My mental construct of it is small self sufficient communities scattered around the world and connected by whatever means necessary. Citizen A in location X needs item Y. Citizen B in location W knows Citizen C at location Z (not too far from X) with Y.

@jeremy @soulexporter @Bitcoinlabrador perhaps in societies with homogeneous culture, but good will evaporates with the Left’s constant march to flatten the value system.

How do you achieve what you want without force?

@soulexporter @jeremy @Bitcoinlabrador won’t governments compete in terms of services provided, and wealth creators choose the most efficient ones?

Who will pay for the free stuff in the end?

@soulexporter @jeremy @Bitcoinlabrador who is going to pay the higher explicit taxes in a hard-money world economy? Won’t the successful wealth generators simply move to save the maximum amount of wealth for their family and heirs?

@soulexporter @jeremy @Bitcoinlabrador protecting your property is not a right? I honestly can’t believe I’m reading this.

@jeremy you don’t prescribe to the general perception that the right is individual rights conservatives and the left is collectivist progressives?

@jeremy I’m not sure how you could separate them.

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