I am increasingly perplexed as to how a Left even exists.

@LaserHodl why not? You could even make a full on communist argument for Bitcoin: money by the people, for the people*. The fact that people with very different political views converge on a tool suggests it's a good tool.

* = this meme wouldn't work in China, because Renmibi (yuan) mean "the people's coin"

@LaserHodl I know there are several folks on the left who oppose Bitcoin for environmental reasons, but that's just because they haven't felt the brunt of financial censorship for a while (and somehow stopped caring about the porn and legal marijuana industry). But that's just a matter of time. Once they care, they'll learn that those environmental concerns can be mitigated, or may just be a necessary evil.

Left ideas just refuse to die and altcoin and token space allows some degree of freedom to implement anything.

you could just as well ask "why does a dollar left exist?"

one can be, say, left-anarchist and prefer bitcoin as money to that created by central banks because the decentralized, decoupled model is more in line with anarchist beliefs

@orionwl @LaserHodl Perhaps it was a rhetorical question, but "dollar left" exists, because dollar is state created coercive money, which aligns with leftist tendencies to fix things with state interventions and central planning.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is free market money out of their control, and cannot be inflated to implement social engineering or welfare.

I agree that bitcoin is in line with anarchist beliefs, but not left-anarchist, as they don't want people to use money at all.

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