I've been hearing about Mastodon for a while and I'm willing to try it out. Last night I learned that you can't keep your identity should an instance be shut down, which I am not a fan of. I was thinking maybe someone could build something on top of git, where as you gpg sign all your commits (messages/replies) and you can refer to them across repos (instances) and your gpg key *is* your identity. The biggest hurdle is probably user experience around key management. Like Bitcoin.

@LarryBitcoin I thought the point was that you can host your own so that you are actually able to secure your own identity. The only thing they can then shut down is YOU or whoever YOU connect with, which seems to be the best possible case scenario.


@dammkewl I like it but it seems unnecessary for the average user. just having users based on gpg keys would solve it. or built-in in the app and you can come and go online/offline as you are pleased.

@LarryBitcoin The biggest issue isn't identity, mastodon can't help with that. You tweet/toot/type out what's on your mind about whatever's worth responding to or talking about. That text needs storage and a GPG key isn't going to facilitate in that.

You spinning up your own instance with off=shore redundancy does fix that.

Being able to run your own instance it the most important factor of this software and how well it facilitates in maintaining content up-time will be the dominant variable.

@dammkewl your followers could easily help you maintain content online wittiut requiring you to set up a server or being always online

@LarryBitcoin How can the followers help? Wait does boosting a toot mean it's pulled into the booster's instance, content-wise instead of just a pointer to the original? That would be genious.

@dammkewl yeah you fetch your remotes and help keep a commit hash available redundantly

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