I've been hearing about Mastodon for a while and I'm willing to try it out. Last night I learned that you can't keep your identity should an instance be shut down, which I am not a fan of. I was thinking maybe someone could build something on top of git, where as you gpg sign all your commits (messages/replies) and you can refer to them across repos (instances) and your gpg key *is* your identity. The biggest hurdle is probably user experience around key management. Like Bitcoin.

@harding didnt know about it, very interesting thank you! From a quick look it doesn't seem based on git (even though there is some resemblance on some functionality)- the reason I'd use git + gpg without change is the sheer amount of tooling already built around this and the long term maintenance of git/gpg being more assured than other ad-hoc things (imho)

@LarryBitcoin @harding yeah i would also much prefer a model based on something like scuttlebutt, and the web instance frontends merely being *optional* dumb content renderers, but mastodon is more popular for now.

Been long using diaspora* too, and it's been obvious for a long time that the federated model is just too cumbersome and complicated for people who are less technical-literate.

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