As pointed out by I think james O'beirne on the mailing list, the discussion here between Luke-Jr and greg maxwell about tradeoffs in how full nodes sync is *very* enlightening; even if you don't understand every line, it should really give you something to think about.

Lines 205-330 of:

@waxwing And as we need our own BSQ explorer anyway that could be maybe a combined BTC / BSQ expolorer using Esplora:

Any dev who wants to work on that please get in touch. We have a basic BSQ explorer already but would be cool to get it more sophisticated one.

A list of some Bitcoin (/Cryptocurrency) accounts with proof-of-ownership to help get you started.

Third of four interviews on this podcast is with David Chaum. He discusses his history in crypto a bit; it's pretty interesting:

whoa—my crowdsupply HiFive Unleashed board shipped, should arrive in a few days (if no US border issues)
looking forward to try running bitcoin core on actual RISC-V hardware instead of qemu

@fed Indeed, that's one of the potential benefits of P2EP I haven't seen mentioned yet: that if the recipient has an input they control in the transaction, they can RBF fee bump instead of using a less efficient CPFP fee bump.

Real failure doesn't seem to be when you fail at a task. that's normal and you try again. for example ask any developer having a nice conversation with their [un]favorite compiler or interpreter. the real failure is when you stop trying.

Some people have been asking for list of Bitcoiners to follow. There's lots of excellent people here all with different interests, so I decided to just focus on people who are experts in cryptography (especially the protocols related to Bitcoin), the Bitcoin Protocol, or both. It's currently not many people!

Instead of making a list, I made a beacon account so you can access its follower list via your usual frontend:

am I right that you can't PM someone on Mastodon? or is it my android client(Tusky from fdroid)

I've been hearing about Mastodon for a while and I'm willing to try it out. Last night I learned that you can't keep your identity should an instance be shut down, which I am not a fan of. I was thinking maybe someone could build something on top of git, where as you gpg sign all your commits (messages/replies) and you can refer to them across repos (instances) and your gpg key *is* your identity. The biggest hurdle is probably user experience around key management. Like Bitcoin.

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