Shit I tried in bitcoin this week:

βœ… Run wasabi wallet

- It works!
- Relatively easy install
- Password to mix & spend is a nice safety feature

- You need to keep the system on 24/7 waiting for enough peers to join can be a full day activity
- GUI tends to lock up but it never crashed on me
- Post mix coins can take awhile to return as the output is like 1sat/byte

- Cool place to mix a bunch of low value utxo's (total mix needs to be >= 0.050073)


❌ Buy BTC on Bitflyer

- Customer service is fairly responsive

- After 10 days my ACH deposit still hasn't been credited... Apparently they have my fiat but I have to wait another 3-5 days before they credit my account 🀨

- Glitch in software deducted multiple times from my bank account account

- withdrawal fee is fixed at 0.0004

- market liquidity looks like shit

Dump it!

@Kurt Have not used it, but that sounds shitty to me.

@BitMexTrader Absolute worst fiat to btc on-ramp I've ever tried πŸ’πŸ’©

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