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Time to move your thoughts to Mastodon & your money to bitcoin

Just received an original markup copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper and this thing is straight up πŸ”₯

Big THANK YOU to everyone in the community that keeps this thing alive and strong day in and day out!

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Are white people allowed to wear blexit shirts? Asking for a friend...

@samourai_official If I mark an unspent output as do-not-spend can I unmark it later?

❌ Sign up for Microsoft's Decentralized Identity Solution

- They emailed me back

- They don't offer a product to individuals that helps them do this ➑️ "Own your identity," which is kind of weird because it's on their f***ing website.

- πŸ“» πŸ’ŠπŸ· πŸ’ŠπŸ· πŸ› ☠️

❌ Buy BTC on Bitflyer

- Customer service is fairly responsive

- After 10 days my ACH deposit still hasn't been credited... Apparently they have my fiat but I have to wait another 3-5 days before they credit my account 🀨

- Glitch in software deducted multiple times from my bank account account

- withdrawal fee is fixed at 0.0004

- market liquidity looks like shit

Dump it!

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Shit I tried in bitcoin this week:

βœ… Run wasabi wallet

- It works!
- Relatively easy install
- Password to mix & spend is a nice safety feature

- You need to keep the system on 24/7 waiting for enough peers to join can be a full day activity
- GUI tends to lock up but it never crashed on me
- Post mix coins can take awhile to return as the output is like 1sat/byte

- Cool place to mix a bunch of low value utxo's (total mix needs to be >= 0.050073)

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To all the Twitter people, here's the chart of what you've enabled. Being monetized and turning it into profit is why Dorsey loves people who won't embrace alternatives. Feel proud of yourself? Stop being a product and use

Make sure to mark your calendar!

Btc Mixing Party:

Nov 11th
Dec 12th
Jan 1st
Feb 2nd
Mar 3rd
Apr 4th
May 5th
Jun 6th
Jul 7th
Aug 8th
Sept 9th
Oct 10th

Unofficial celebrating fungibility


Stable coins are going to pump so haaaaarrrdd!

At it's peak AOL had about 35 million users.

Currently, Coinbase has around 20 million users.


I for one applaud Tone Vays' selfless sacrifice to appease the btc price gods

Guys! I've bought into many-o-dips but I think i just knife catch'd this one :lambo:

Broke: bitcoin uses too much energy...

Woke: bitcoin saves the world!

Inb4 the gov launches their own stable coin and rekts all these new stable coins

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