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"Dogecoin is just made up meme money with an uncapped supply."

Central Bankers:

They're not "vaccine passports," they're movement licenses. It's not a vaccine, it's a phase 3 clinical trial. "Lockdown" is at best completely pointless universal medical isolation and at worst ubiquitous public incarceration.

Call things what they are, not their euphemisms
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They're not "vaccine passports," they're movement licenses. It's not a vaccine, it's experimental gene therapy. "Lockdown" is at best completely pointle…

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The Lancet going full CCP.

Let me correct their conclusions:

The pandemic has offered an opportunity for us to realise that China is using soft power to promote an ideology of enforced collectivism incompatible with the values of liberal democracy.


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TFW you blurt out the naked reality of a $ trillion dollar scam live on air.

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The purpose of the Wuhan fear videos was driving consent for "15 days to slow the spread." The purpose of "15 days to slow the spread" was mass testing. The purpose of mass testing was lockdown until vaccines. The purpose of vaccines was vaccine passes—and social credit scores.

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Retweet if you think Boris Johnson should be sectioned.

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COVID was/is a seasonal flu variant. The information warfare campaign was designed to provide smokescreen for the liquidity events that started with the bond yield curve inversion in 2019. This is from the WHO database which you can verify for yourself:

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The Chinese government has petitioned the WHO to allow China to run a Global Immunity passport program.

Make no mistake the centralised control of people through Social Credit systems is much closer than you think.

Funny but accurate timeline of the pandemic.
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I know I have gathered my modest following here doing substantive tweets/threads. This one is fun and cathartic.

(1 of a quick 33)

1. A respiratory virus of unknown origin is detected in China

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When a Holocaust survivor shows up at an anti lockdown / anti mask protest to say that today is WORSE, you listen.

This is not how you have a boating accident when you are a bitcoiner.
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Boat falls onto highway in Florida, blocks traffic bit.ly/3rrS1MV

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Like being repeatedly punched in the gut with blunt force truth.
(Captioned video)

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Did you know lockdowns, face masks, and social isolation, plus the idea to act sick when healthy are all considered torture in all definitions of the notion?
Did you know Amnesty considers them torture & that they are the main forms used at Guantanamo?

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WOW! against the unscientific CCP lockdown nonsense

Remember - - don't ever forget it!

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“15 days to slow the spread” began one year ago. It was March 2020, the Year of the Rat. Never was any year more fitting of the name. Never in history have the people been betrayed so callously, flagrantly and absolutely by their alleged leaders.

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Based gym bro predicts EVERYTHING. (Spring 2020)

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