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You raise your quality of life when you save in quality money

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We are almost at the point where a bitcoin denier is 100% guaranteed to be a smooth brain.

End of 2021 is my cutoff.

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Heard the Tesla news and worried you missed the boat on Bitcoin? Remember most companies still haven't bought yet, including
- Apple
- Google
- Facebook
- Microsoft
- Wal-Mart
- AT&T
- Cisco
- ... you get the idea

Still early. Still cheap.

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Should of
Could of
I had the opportunity, but didn't act

Erase these words from your vocabulary

Don't live in constant regret

Buy and Hodl

Do it for your Future

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Getting my fold card in the mail soon and I’ll use it to pay rent. So... that’ll help a lil haha. Anxiety over stacking more sats is so real rn. It’s always been but mighty up there rn 😂

I had put a limit order in for $32 bitcoin price about 1-2 weeks ago because I was trying to put my 401k in there. Excited but torn because TSLA just bought in and it’s shooting up. I think I missed the boat by a few days while my transfers were going through😂. Y’all think it’ll have some dips again or only up now? It dipped here and there with microstrategy, but tsla got $1.5 billion. Not just a few million.

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If you hold more than $1,000 in bitcoin you should protect it with dedicated hardware.

If you hold more than $10,000 in bitcoin you should see about supercharging your security with @CasaHODL.

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"2% of accounts control 95% of all "


BTC ownership is much less concentrated than often reported – and has dispersed over time.

Meanwhile, whale supply has increased – suggesting institutional investors arriving.



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The more I've owned over the years, the less I've felt the desire to check the price.

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Fun Story:
So I bought a cameo a few days ago to get
@wolfofwallst to recreate the speech from the movie where he's not fucking leaving.

Well he delivered TO THE MAX

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Every single day, I take a small portion of off the market forever.

I am not alone.

In better news, I can’t wait for my cold card to come 🤗. Super stoked!

I’m thinking he can buy on strike? N I told him to get a cold card wallet . But any advice would be awesome! Thanks all!

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Need some help for a friend trying to buy bitcoin 🙏: he says “Not sire if your still on here, but need your advice. Washington state doesnt allow bitcoin/digi coin trading...apparently. what options do I have? Most wallets are asking for ssn and address. So I dont think a vpn could get around that. Atomic wallet appears to just take a debit card, as they are an EU company, but idk how I feel about that. Ive tried Kraken, exodus, bofinace, coinbase, etoro and 1 or 2 more wallets.”

Of course DuckDuckGo isn’t supported for twitter anymore ...

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