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Hey gang, studying firewalls tonight. I am preparing my computer for BTC and LN. I got Ubuntu installed. Is the stock UFW enough or do I need more? I will eventually get a pfSense router probably. Do I need the hardware, is software enough, do I need specialized software, do I use both? As usual, I don't know enough to know what questions to ask. My goal is the ultimate in security. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any suggested resources to learn more?

recommended Linux distro? New to Linux, not looking for easiest, willing to learn, want a common one with lots of community support. Of course, it will be used primarily for Bitcoin related stuff... Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Min, what else?

@Sosthene @TallTim Cleary I am still lacking in understanding but I think something may have just clicked. A VPN may not be what I need at all. If all the software I want to run is on my computer, then VPN doesn’t help because it is only useful for stuff hosted in the cloud, the encrypted tunnel from here to there, anonymity through the remote server’s ip address. Anything on my server will have my ip address, period. Tor gives anonymity to BTC and LN, not VPN. Is this correct?

It was pretty cool when this instance was started and announced on Twitter, (I was there at the time) and this place filled up quickly with hello world posts and everyone was following peeps. Kinda neat to be a charter member 😎

3/3 which means I haven’t really done anything at all (except complicate things). Is this correct? I want to host all my own stuff. I don't want to pay for outside services, like renting a server to run software for me. But, it looks like for vpn to function, at minimum I am going to need my server software running on a server outside of my LAN. Is my understanding correct? Whew...I hope that makes sense...

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2/3 travel through the encrypted tunnel across the public internet to the hosted server outside of my network, which would have a different ip address than my local LAN, right? If I had the client and server BOTH local on my machine, if that is even possible (maybe through vm), then the encrypted tunnel would be from my computer to my computer via the LAN, and then the data when it leaves my local server would still be identified by my local ip address…

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1/3 Dumb question: for VPN, the server has to be outside my LAN, right? If I want to “host my own VPN”, I still need to purchase server space in the cloud somewhere, then access that server from the client within my LAN, right? So, it is not possible to "host my own" by having the server AND the client both within my LAN? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? In other words, in order to mask my IP address and secure the data, the data must be encrypted on my end…

@402PaymentRequired What happens to your LN if your internet goes down? We generally have good and fast internet, but lately it seems to go down intermittently and I am wondering how that may affect my future node. @flexbit my refurbished computer is on its way 😎

This is where it was alleged on Twitter:
I would argue adding zeros is inflation...

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Question: Can zeros be added to Bitcoin, increasing the number of sathoshis from 100m to more than 100M? It is alleged on twitter that zeros can be added and that it is already so on LN. If so, why wouldn't this be increasing the supply of BTC? Even if it is still 21m BTC, it would be more satoshis, which I understand is the base unit anyway.

I don't understand fully what a chain reorg is. Why is it significant? Because it shows insecurity of the chain?

Well, I don't know if this is capitulation, but one thing is for sure, we are much closer to it now... I just wish I had more cash 😩 already all in...hodl on...

Apparently my big mistake was thinking that the ticket I purchased last year for a trip to the moon was a one-way ticket, when in fact, it was a round-trip ticket 😜

My biggest disappointment with the bear market is NOT that I will have to wait to for the bull market to return to get back what I have invested, but that I can't afford the hardware I want to get so that I can play with LN, BTCPay and all that other stuff. I can't really do it on my work computer and I have no other options. I have obsessed for months about setting up a banking machine, but it looks like I will have to wait until spring now...

Anybody on Twitter please go vote in this Ron Paul poll...Bitcoin is an option

A wealthy person gifts you $10,000. You get to choose in which form you’ll accept the gift. But there’s a catch: You must keep the gift in the form that you choose for 10 years without touching it. In which form would you accept the gift?

Tone's live stream ending soon, Roger posted link to another live stream

and here is a link to watch both chains looks like the fork is going to happen in the middle of the night US time? You mean I am not going to get to watch it live without staying up all night?

@flexbit @Shekelcoin you guys are awesome! I love these security conversations. We need more participants though.

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