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My current substitution list:
Searching: Google -> DuckDuckGo
Mail: Google ->
Messaging: Twitter -> Mastodon
Office suite: Google Docs -> OpenOffice/LibreOffice
OS: Windows -> Ubuntu
File hosting: Google Drive/Dropbox -> Nextcloud
Password management: LastPass -> KeePass
Note taking: Evernote -> Joplin
To be done:
Connections: Facebook -> WordPress blog

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@KingWm @Shekelcoin @btcFUD Raptor has announced the Blackbird in October, people are hoping for an entry system price below $1000.
Due to the current de-platforming wave I have accelerated my plans and bought a Dell T30 for now ($500), getting acquainted with Ubuntu administration. Once an affordable system without Meltdown or Spectre weakness comes along I'll move over. Ubuntu is readily available for POWER9 systems.

@Shekelcoin @btcFUD @flexbit The Power9 chips are new and not very available yet, to my understanding, and after talking to an engineer, they apparently don't like Windows. I am going to learn linux and use only my Windows machine for the software I have to use for work. Everything I am going to switch to Linux (I have much to learn). When moon?

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@Shekelcoin @btcFUD @flexbit I have been researching devices to use for nodes. I am thoroughly disappointed in the crappy specs on the available devices (that I have found so far) that are not susceptible to those security vulnerabilities. I may get a plug-n-play Casa device, maybe a lightning in a box or one of the others as a short term fix, but I'm saving my $ for one of the Talos machines cuz I want to host all my own stuff on one device that can actually handle it.

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@402PaymentRequired 😂 I love Tone but he does some weird shit sometimes, lol. Like calling a bear market in Jan and waiting until Oct to make a short trade, lol

Have you guys seen this yet? I don't have a video link, it is on Twitter...

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Does anyone here know whether a Raspberry PI can handle the BTC node, the lightning node AND an instance of BTCPay Server? I understand that it is recommended to host BTCPay with a third party, but I wan't to experiment with self-hosting. Also, can someone explain why the Raspberry Pi is so popular in this space?

If there are any Mark Dice fans here, he finally got a BTC address for tips. I was the first to donate. Here is a chance to show a noob a warm welcome...

The best part is that the touchscreen is removable so that the circuit board is easily accessible. He also disabled the Intel ME back door so we can expect a high level of security with no chance of hacking. I am thoroughly impressed and can't wait to get it setup and running.

My son built a little device for me to use for my btc node. He calls it the Crypto Bot C1. I am pretty impressed. You can see that it has a touchscreen display and all it needs to operate is an old usb stick

Hey @402PaymentRequired r u planning any videos setting up a node with privacy in mind? I am preparing to build a node machine and I know the first thing I am going to need to do is connect it to the internet through my router. I want to setup the node and a website that are totally private and as anonymous as I can get. I you working on or are you familiar with any others who are putting out info on how to setup the node privately?

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Saw this, thought of my friends here at Mastodon 😜

Or is there an alternative that doesn't have a back door?

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Hey you guys building nodes...what are you doing to disable the backdoor on that Intel chip? Are there other security concerns with regard to the hardware? One vendor mentioned that they disabled it by default. Some one else asked me about it. Any suggestions?

More and more I am thinking several home-built, inexpensive kits, but back doors on the chips seem like a security risk to me, right?

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Having done a bit of programming, for desktop/mobile and other things, this rant speaks to me - Bloat in tech has been ongoing, but its getting to the point where I question our "progress", just like this author does.

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Years ago when you went travelling you had to take travellers cheques, different currencies, credit cards. My nephew turned up recently before heading off to the far east. I whacked some Bitcoin onto his phone, job done! Emergency stash, just in case the shit hits someone's fan. It's a brave new world, shame so many wankers are in control of it.

Question: Electrum or Samourai? and why?

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