7 hours! I been trying 2 get OpenSSH client to work in Windows PowerShell. Windows 7, did all the updates, just loaded latest version of PowerShell Core, trying to follow these instructions: 4sysops.com/archives/powershel or blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/power I can't get the agent to start. Start-Service ssh-agent gives error: "Cannot find any service with service name 'ssh-agent'. Sys Variable path is set, typing just ssh-agent responds with ssh_auth_sock stuff, so the file is recognized, no workie pls helpie😭


already have it all working with PuTTY, don't like the interface, seems everyone is moving to PowerShell. I would be open to something else. The PuTTY console has limitations, can't highlight text, seems old, looking for something more pleasant to work with. Ugg...must go to bed...

@KingWm Whenever I'm spinning my wheels mentally on a problem, I usually take a break or sleep on it. The answers will come after a bit.

@TallTim I have a hard time doing that sometimes. It costs me a lot of sleep. I feel like I forget stuff over night. In this case, I posted a comment on the article I was using and they gave me a different link to use to install and it worked. However, the powershell seems to act funny. Not sure if I will use PS or PuTTY. Now, I am stuck trying to get my Win7 network to see my Ubuntu 18.10 machine. Apparently they should be able to, but I am not finding much help online.

@KingWm I'd go right to the root of the problem and simplify. Use a crossover cable and connect them directly. Try to eliminate anything that is obvious. I've been burned by assuming the state of something when it wasn't what I thought it was.

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