recommended Linux distro? New to Linux, not looking for easiest, willing to learn, want a common one with lots of community support. Of course, it will be used primarily for Bitcoin related stuff... Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Min, what else?

For people in the "Okay, Ubuntu is cool, but I think it's time to get my hands dirty and REALLY learn Linux." mindset I tend to recommend Arch.

Bleeding edge software repos. User Repos that are absolutely crazy. A wiki that is very much becoming the gold standard for Linux software documentation. Etc.

But you better come prepared to learn. As in, learn how to do your own installation via command line, learn how to manually build your filesystem and install a graphical interface.

@amp Well, I would like to get BTC loaded this MONTH! lol I have read a bit about it. I think I should probably not start with that one. I keep seeing recommendations to learn the command line. I presume I can do that with any version of Linux. ty

The distinction is that most other distros "allow" you to learn command line. Arch "expects" you to learn command line.

But yeah if you have't touched it before, I wouldn't recommend it. Mint or Ubuntu might just be up your alley.

@amp Mint seems marketed for beginners. Is Ubuntu "the standard" or the most popular/common?

It's different strokes mostly, a lot of the ease of use stuff can be summed up in a "Who was this designed for?" style.

To drastically oversimplify it:
Mint is for Grandma
Ubuntu is for the computer user who just wants to get away from Windows.
Debian is for Server Admins.
Arch is for early adopters.
Gentoo is for Open-Source Absolutists.
Fedora is for the manager who wants to save money by having the whole office use Linux.

@amp Excellent! I think I am going to start with Ubuntu. I suppose I can always try something else later. by then, I will probably have a better idea how to choose...ty

@amp "Ubuntu for instance is very easy to use, as it’s designed for newcomers."

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