Question: Can zeros be added to Bitcoin, increasing the number of sathoshis from 100m to more than 100M? It is alleged on twitter that zeros can be added and that it is already so on LN. If so, why wouldn't this be increasing the supply of BTC? Even if it is still 21m BTC, it would be more satoshis, which I understand is the base unit anyway.


This is where it was alleged on Twitter:
I would argue adding zeros is inflation...

@KingWm I think the point is your adding 0s after a decimal. Not going from 10 to 100 but from 10 divided into .1 chunks into 10 divided by .01 chunks. You still have a 21 million coin limit you just would have a new unit at 1/10 of a satoshi

@KingWm Adding units is inflationary, yes. Don't see that happening at all.

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