Hey gang, been out for a while. Started researching again last night and ran across LN KYC question. I am curious what you guys think. Are LN node operators money transmitters required to have KYC/AML procedures? I am not asking if they can be operated without, or whether it can be stopped, but will they be required legally. I know the future cannot be predicted. I have been searching for hours and don't see enough discussion on the topic. Seems to be a major potential problem.

Been super busy these past couple weeks. Sure miss all my hacker friends. Having withdrawals...

@Shekelcoin You should check out this 4-part series about Ubuntu security. I learned quite a bit. It was a great compliment to that article you suggested. The first part is here:

Well, its official, I got the domain name reserved...
Its a play on the phrase be your own bank. I am going to document my journey through the jungle to setup my bitcoin server. It will be like a guide (who what when where why how). There will likely be a step by step guide, table of contents and a collection and summary of articles from around the net on related matters. It should be laser focused on this one topic. I will seek input & give progress reports. 😎

@Shekelcoin Of course, I do want to run BTC, LN and BTCPay on it, but I should be able to do that with server too.

@Shekelcoin After reading a bit of that article on hardening your Ubuntu...initially I had planned on using this as a desktop, but now I am realizing it needs to be a dedicated server and so I am considering starting over with Ubuntu Server. It is a good thing I kept such good notes on all I did...

This is probably a dumb question, and I suspect I know the answer, but if I have a BTC node running on my in-house (on my desk) server, & I also have a self-hosted website on that same server (and lets say that site has all my personal info on it, which it wouldn't), they should both have the same IP address, right? And if so, I suspect that if one knew the IP address of the node, then they might also find the website with the same IP address & personal info, thereby connecting me to the node?

already have it all working with PuTTY, don't like the interface, seems everyone is moving to PowerShell. I would be open to something else. The PuTTY console has limitations, can't highlight text, seems old, looking for something more pleasant to work with. Ugg...must go to bed...

7 hours! I been trying 2 get OpenSSH client to work in Windows PowerShell. Windows 7, did all the updates, just loaded latest version of PowerShell Core, trying to follow these instructions: 4sysops.com/archives/powershel or blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/power I can't get the agent to start. Start-Service ssh-agent gives error: "Cannot find any service with service name 'ssh-agent'. Sys Variable path is set, typing just ssh-agent responds with ssh_auth_sock stuff, so the file is recognized, no workie pls helpie😭

Also, my 14 yo daughter can get an account on an art website and sell her art without a bank account, also in the name of a private trust, and I don't have to get involved with a joint bank account.

If they want to know who the site belongs to, they have to force the registrar to give up the info, then they only get a private trust which is not on any registry, and a POB. The USG may be able to get the POB info, but private peeps cannot. They would have to stake out the post office and wait for me to check the mail like on Burn Notice 😜

I love BTC! With BTC, I can have a private trust, with no taxpayer ID, get an account at a domain registrar who accepts BTC, under the trust name, using a POB, no kyc/aml, no c/c, no bank, my name nowhere in site, private registration.

And while I am at it, does anyone have any good recommendations for resources to learn Linux command line commands?

Hey gang, studying firewalls tonight. I am preparing my computer for BTC and LN. I got Ubuntu installed. Is the stock UFW enough or do I need more? I will eventually get a pfSense router probably. Do I need the hardware, is software enough, do I need specialized software, do I use both? As usual, I don't know enough to know what questions to ask. My goal is the ultimate in security. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any suggested resources to learn more?

recommended Linux distro? New to Linux, not looking for easiest, willing to learn, want a common one with lots of community support. Of course, it will be used primarily for Bitcoin related stuff... Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Min, what else?

@Sosthene @TallTim Cleary I am still lacking in understanding but I think something may have just clicked. A VPN may not be what I need at all. If all the software I want to run is on my computer, then VPN doesn’t help because it is only useful for stuff hosted in the cloud, the encrypted tunnel from here to there, anonymity through the remote server’s ip address. Anything on my server will have my ip address, period. Tor gives anonymity to BTC and LN, not VPN. Is this correct?

It was pretty cool when this instance was started and announced on Twitter, (I was there at the time) and this place filled up quickly with hello world posts and everyone was following peeps. Kinda neat to be a charter member 😎

3/3 which means I haven’t really done anything at all (except complicate things). Is this correct? I want to host all my own stuff. I don't want to pay for outside services, like renting a server to run software for me. But, it looks like for vpn to function, at minimum I am going to need my server software running on a server outside of my LAN. Is my understanding correct? Whew...I hope that makes sense...

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