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Great collection of Bitcoin-only talking points selected by @BITCOINALLCAPS, featuring @excellion @saifedean and yours truly, with cameos from @stablekwon and @APompliano

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Anti-fragility update is available!

Couple of improvements were made to make the software more robust against network failures; for example, the Tor distributed denial of service attack.

It is recommended that you update Wasabi to this version.


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New @WasabiWallet 2.0.1 release with numerous improvements to make Wasabi more resiliant during network disruptions like the ongoing @torproject denial of service attack.

Upgrade and you should be part in of more frequent coinjoins!


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CBDCs are about one thing: absolute central control and management of all citizen transactions. A centrally planned dystopia with no freedom, privacy or free will.

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You will own and you will be happy.

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The price of is growing and spiraling out of control 🌀

> 1 cycle = 1 year
> Bigger the cycle = Bigger the price
> Made by @takenstheorem

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The Release Candidate 2 for RaspiBlitz v1.8 introducing the WebUI is out ... if you have a node to play with please help testing it and report back any problems you can still find as github issue. Download 1.8.0RC2 sd card image from dev branch: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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I have been advised of a real circumstance where a SeedSigner "plausible deniability" feature may have been useful. An aid organization that I have begun to work with was attempting to deliver signers to a small number of African bitcoin communities.

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Every single "innovative DeFi/Web3/altcoin project" mainnet showing how they are not 'boomercoin' and will surpass 's 13-year 99.98% uptime.

👑 #1

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is a lifeboat, tossed on a stormy sea, offering hope to anyone in the world that needs to get off their sinking ship. We are witnessing the birth of a new industry during the worst financial crisis of our lifetime. My interview w/@jchatterleyCNN

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You don't need a Raspberry Pi to run a node.

- find an old computer/laptop,
- throw in a 1TB solid state drive,
- install Ubuntu and,
- get started.

Detailed walkthrough here.

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Germany turned off its nuclear power plants to restart its coal plants... where Russia is a primary supplier of coal

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I watched two hours of videos on Bored Ape Yacht Club and I'd put it at 99.99% the project is in fact a deliberate troll, intentionally replete with Nazi symbols and esoteric racist dog whistles. Is that "based"?

Links below.

@yugalabs @a16z

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