Positive rights (right to an education, housing, health care, etc) are claims on other people's time and property and thus not rights at all.

Positive "rights" are things people feel entitled to get for free.

How do I judge what the President’s positions are on monetary policy when he’s being told what to say through an earpiece? Who’s really running the show?


The cycle:
- Bitcoin dips (after an incredible run up)
- Media comes out saying it CRASHED
- Peter Schiff picks up the news and tweets about how much he hates bitcoin
- Bitcoin buying continues apace

Rinse and repeat.

A strong person speaks

A weak person demands the strong be silent

I just found that if you link a toot to twitter, it will bring them to a readable page...nice


When an asset is absolutely finite and highly desirable, it can only increase in value. This is the simplest way to view .

It’s the ultimate beachfront property

I've decided to put 1 up for sale. My STARTING price is 1 million USD.

Thank you for your consideration

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I don't know about you guys, but I'd like Bitcoinhackers to have a directory like other instances. Show me the top dogs making waves that I can follow.

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