It's like all these people just want to find out how far they can go before the guillotines come out.

@NunyaBidness who do these crazy fucks think they are. Hitler would fit right in with the Germany and intelligencia 2021. That country should just fucking stop everything it’s doing before it goes Nazi again. Cough, “real” nazis.


@CryptoActually @NunyaBidness
I think people have this idea that the bad guys will identify themselves. That they will anounce their evil plans with amonous music playing like in a movie. In reality its always veilled in purity, morality and convincing people of the greater good. Sheep have always been easily fooled and we don't have the collective ability to recognize atrocities until its to late. Coming to a country near you ...This should be a massive red flag to any sane person.

@Justyouace @NunyaBidness I can’t think of an overarching explanation other than that the vast majority of people are either very uneducated or do not think for themselves all the way back to first principles. I can’t think of a better argument against democracy as a large scale system of government.

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