Running MobileCoin.

Said no one never.

On the plus side the PrIvAcY app will dox your phone number with everyone one, and tell every person on your contacts that you are now on Signal.

Privacy comm phone apps are theater.

Surprise surprise...

Privacy apps that are not self hosted are ALL honeypots/theater.
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First Keybase. Now Signal. Oof.

lololol They're actually rolling out Intel SGX coin.

"MobileCoin is a payment network with no central authority."

That is a lie. Intel is a central authority if you rely on SGX.

NoT mOnEy, ToO VoLaTiLe
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PayPal has launched payments at checkout in the USA!

Customers can now use at 29m merchants.

What's the current state-of-the-art in Lightning donation addresses? As in, something I could put in a tweet?

IIUC keypay can pay to a node id. But there isn't a QR code standard for it yet.

My OTS calendar servers are running low on funds, so I actually have a practical use-case for this in the very near future. :)

"German e2e encrypted email provider Tutanota has been ordered by a regional court to develop a function that allows it to monitor an individual account."


State Partitioning is a new privacy feature in Firefox 86 that prevents shared third-party state without blocking cookie access entirely.

Taleb is capitulating.

The bitcoin gods are appeased.

The bull run may continue.

“Thanks to the central bank, interest rates can be artificially lowered all the way down to zero, channeling credit into less and least credit-worthy projects and hands (and crowding out worthy projects and hands), and causing ever greater investment bubble-booms, followed by ever-more spectacular busts.”

— Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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RESEARCH: Bitcoin mining uses up more electricity annually than the entirety of Argentina, according to a study by Cambridge University.

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Devs *think* they are sure, yes. But are they fooled, inside a bubble, have cognitive defects, be exploited or corrupt? Of course they made decisions every day, but keystone ones require safeguards.

Users accept the SF by upgrading (or not).

Miners signal accepting the SF by version bits (or not).

These both help measure and reinforce consensus.

Devs should enable *users* to override miner signalling. Users need to be prepared to seize their legitimacy!

Takeaways from the activation discussion:
1. Unanimous support for BIP8. RIP BIP 9.
2. Overwhelming consensus that 1yr is correct timeout value (it's actually defined in blocks, so 26x2016 or maybe 87600).
3. Majority consensus for lockin false, though @lukedashjr strongly opposed.
4. No decision I could see on start time, but 2 months was done for segwit, and that didn't seem too objectionable.

Get the coins before the suits do...
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-Mode Global Holdings LON:MODE 85 BTC
-Ninepoint Bitcoin Trust TSX:BITC.U 5,478 BTC

-Grayscale Bitcoin Trust $GBTC 616K => 649K BTC
-MicroStrategy inc. $MSTR 70K => 71K BTC

Total 1,233,246 BTC (5.87%)
Value $42,798,693,310
src by @nvk

Prediction: the reason why Robinhood has been forcefully closing out client's GME positions will turn out to be because some or all of those GME positions didn't actually exist.

Unlike Bitcoin, there's no way for average investors to know if the numbers on their screen correspond to actual shares. You need crypto for that.

I'm not 100% confident this type of fraud and/or incompetence is happening. But I'll give it >50% probability.

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In an effort to turn Miami into a hub for crypto innovation, Mayor @FrancisSuarez just officially put Satoshi’s Bitcoin White Paper on Miami's government site.

This is what bitcoin adoption looks like. 🚀

If you care about the environment stop using USD / CAD / GOLD / etc

price it's energy use very efficiently, it also doesn't need buildings full of ppl, commuting, standing armies and other polluting logistics

Bitcoin is the most green money ever invented!

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I'm hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper, as distributed by Satoshi under the MIT license with the original Bitcoin code, on this site:

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