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In fiat, luck matters more than discipline.
In , discipline matters more than luck.

$80 fee for a $100 dollar transfer?
Bitcoin is crazy right now.

Hi there,
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RT @Anders_
MicroStrategy purchases to date:
BTC: $2,171,000,000
ETH: $0
BNB: $0
USDT: $0
ADA: $0
DOT: $0
XRP: $0
LTC: $0
LINK: $0
9000 other shitcoins: $0
What is it that you don't understand?

cc: @michael_saylor

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RT Michael Saylor
Gold peaked in August 2020 at the same time @MicroStrategy chose #Bitcoin as the superior asset.

Holger Zschaepitz: Looks as if #Bitcoin is eating #Gold. While the cryptocurrency hit fresh ATH >51k, Gold has dropped #Cryptocurrency

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Your app store needs a bit more love.
Few wallets and outdated app versions (ex. Specter).
Any timeline for updates?

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Reading normie replies on Twatter is as bad for you as watching the 6 o’clock news. A big reason to keep engagement on the bird site to a minimum.

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we have the tools to defeat twitter, but we can't because everybody refuses to stop using it. the tiny piece of their soul that wants to amass followers and become meaningful and important still leads them back there. it's really no different from internet porn or gambling
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I have the feeling the activity level here has dropped - to about 30-40% above what it was before the last big wave. I wonder if other people see it differently.

I know from listening to podcasts and chats on IRC and other places, everyone still treats twitter as the main public forum.

The old adage "slaves don't want to be free, they just want better masters" doesn't quite seem to apply .. it appears that slaves just grumble a bit about abusive masters and then stick with them.

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This no longer has the effect you think it does @Twitter, @Jack.

Frankly, this is just nail in your own coffin.

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RT @ZubyMusic
I support @ginacarano

I hate to see a decent person smeared and mischaracterised.

Disney sucks.
Hollywood sucks.
Mainstream media sucks.

All are full of spineless weasels. They have to take out anyone who doesn't pledge total allegiance to their BS.

The based will triumph.

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Twitter on PC is not working for me.
Nor the Microstrategy event.
WTF? Is it just me?

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I look at and Bitcoiners, I see no fear or doubt.

I look at everything else I see fear and doubt, so much anguish.

Easy choice.

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Elon was late to the automobile manufacturing party too. Do you think he's not going to try and accumulate like crazy?

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