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Thursday's in July 2022, @ocbtcn is discussing PRIVACY & FREEDOM with @bisq_network. Week 1 is about "sovereign money." That is, how to buy & use bitcoin without trusted third-party exchanges.

Join us for Beer-to-Peer! First round's on Bisq 🇺🇲🍻

meetu.ps/e/L9BMS/PZ73c/i twitter.com/bisq_network/statu

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Tired of cefi lenders gambling with your ?

All Voyager refugees welcome at @SwanBitcoin!

DM me a screenshot of your withdrawal from ANY crypto app or exchange of 1 BTC or more into self-custody and I'll give you one year FREE membership in Swan Private.

Please retweet!

Listen to or read The Count of Monte Cristo but when you hear “franc” think “sat”

The time for central bankers honoring themselves will soon be at an end.
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The BIS revealed its plans for the future monetary system. Although we never elected them, at least they're kind enough to keep us informed.

“The soul of money is trust. Central banks have been and continue to be the institutions best placed to provide trust in the digital age” t.co/iprQBTKOBa

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"You're not a Bitcoiner unless you have a podcast"


Is it any surprise that the lizard people want you to eat crickets? 🦗
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@RealDante12 @Chattylistener Don't worry, they are replacing the food plants that are being burned down...

You evil fucks.
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Coming soon: the BIS Annual Economic Report 2022 will outline a future monetary system which serves the public interest. Special chapter to the pre-released on 21 June bit.ly/3b6SDFh

For 115,000 cuck bucks you can buy 6.15 Bitcoin right now. Honestly didn’t think this opportunity would exist again.

Shitcoin winter hits hard for scammers. Ouch.
Coinbase lays off 18% of workforce as executives prepare for recession and 'crypto winter' cnb.cx/39k26Ze

Update: found laser mountain. Bonus points if you know what mountain it is!
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Im taking the green hornet on a truck trail in the mountains today. May never financially recover. 😬
H/T @Lukewearechange t.co/A67AOHtlpx

Im taking the green hornet on a truck trail in the mountains today. May never financially recover. 😬
H/T @Lukewearechange

Mach made in heaven. You clowns should move in together and leave us the hell alone.
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The Botox Summit.

Join us tonight for some food and beer and some info on this cool new Bitcoin tool from @Coin_debit
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Soft alcohol, hard money, and privacy for all.


Just plug in and enjoy the metaverse.
It's so much safer. Limitless experience with none of the risk!

Safetyism is demonic energy that wants to consume and destroy all human life.
Get out in nature, take risks, and live freely. That's how we win.

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If you're looking to start a Bitcoin-only Meetup, what are the best tips, tricks and resources for getting it up and running? 🤔

Asking for..... checks notes.... yep.... lots and lots of friends! 🧡

Looking forward to this one!
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12pm PT / 3pm ET

@DarinFeinstein, co-founder and co-chairman of @corescientific

@nic__carter, GP at @CastleIslandVC

YouTube: youtu.be/6-KzTBa4E3U
Spaces (w/ Q&A after show): @SwanBitcoin

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Beer & Bitcoin - Tuesdays In LA (Los Angeles Ale Works)

Tue, Jun 7, 2022, 6:30-9:30pm
Los Angeles Ale Works, Hawthorne

"Come discuss all things Bitcoin with your fellow plebs"
@BitPlebsLA @ocbtcn

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