Any Bitcoiners in the Chicago area who want to stop by for a beer are welcome to join us tonight!

With the power vested in me by @BrainHarrington,
I just announced Miami is OPEN 100%.


I also ended the statewide mask mandate on businesses.

Florida gov @RonDeSantisFL and Miami Mayer @FrancisSuarez, if you want to stay competitive with Texas, you should make masks completely voluntary and remove all capacity limitations on businesses ASAP.
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Next week Texas removes the state mask mandate. It is about time.

Happy Birthday @GaryLeland!
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It is my 66th birthday today.

Geez, I am old as shit!

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@Jonchenot This is probably the toughest question I had all year

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@Jonchenot 1/21 millionth of the potential output of humanity

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@Jonchenot To save or take care of my children and wife.

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Broke Fiat Leaders: Sociopaths pretending to be geniuses.

Woke Bitcoiners: Genius pretending to be sociopaths.

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@Mrsamericanhodl @matt_odell Bitcoiners are going from “we’re finally getting girlfriends” to “which one do I choose?”

Stoked to join @shaunapps, @Jayzio and more Miami Bitcoiners tonight for Bitdevs South Florida Socratic Seminar!

Humbled to have played a small part in this thought germination 🙌🏼🙏🏼
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@ExcaliBit I wish.

I have just gone from listening to @BitcoinPath, straight into a work call about some fiat bullshit, and it really dawned on me that Bitcoiners and nocoiners are living two completely different worlds.

Occupying the same physical space, but spiritually disconnected.

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Notice found in a local bar I was at earlier today where a friend's band played. It was as if people were not afraid. People living life unafraid. Imagine that!

Excited for our 4th Miami Bitcoiners gathering next Wednesday in Brickell Miami. If you know any crazy laser eyed people in the Miami or South Florida area send them our way!

is a space castle.

And it’s taking off. 🚀

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The meaning of life is people helping people

As long as we adhere to the princables of the free market/libratarian principles in the world, we create heaven on earth. ~Breedlove
All I have is thank you for yet another game changer.

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