Feeling like we’re due for another Twitter censorship scare sending people back this way…..

Today we are proud to announce our presence on Mastodon as well as the release of Mastodon for the Embassy!


If anyone is interested in self hosting their data, I wrote up an extensive piece on how I do it. I go through internet connection, hardware and software such as nextcloud, bitwarden_rs, pleroma and more.

You can read it at k3tan.com/self-hosting

Can someone here help WallStreetBets set up a server? Great time to reach out to them. They are literally asking.

Around minute 58 guest Mike Green alludes to potential BTC crackdown based on national security threat

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While Bitcoin fixes this, I do worry that BTC is going to get pigeonholed in the continuing purges.... I guess nothing new, but the purgers seem to be feeling strong these days.... spicy

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@notgrubles Working on it. We’d to expand the lyrics and @btcsessions to do the harmony

Central bank digital currencies are a tool for totalitarian control like non before. It gives the state direct and absolute control over all parts of commerce, leaving no escape - except  

Questions--[1] are they any legal concerns over coinjoin (e.g., via Wasabi), [2] do folks consider it a best practice / idea for maintaining some measure of privacy?

Assume for the sake of this question that the goal is not to avoid paying taxes, or for any other illegal activity.

Appreciate your perspectives.

"The crucial point is that bank credit does not create resources; it channels existing resources into other businesses than those which would have used them if these credits had not existed. It follows that a curtailment of bank credit does not destroy any resources; it simply entails a different employment of human beings and of the available land, factories, streets, and so on." - Guido Hulsmann, Ethics of Money Production

Ok let’s test drive with question... @Bqa @mattodell
Are you aware of any walkthroughs yet of linking a pi node to ledger live set up yet? Instructions on ledger site but seeing other tips/feedback on process would be valuable. Pros/cons/utility vs. Electrum or Specter? Too soon?

Related- is pi Node + Specter and HW functionally equivalent to pi node + Elec sever and Electrum and HW?

Is the @followbot search.fedi thing a legit part of this or are there a lot of spam followers here?

@stephanlivera @Princey @martybent @mattodell pod guests need to start giving out fediverse usernames to promote this.

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