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WEF Shill, Yuval Noah Harari is at WAR against humanity:

“The biggest question..what to do with all these USELESS people. The problem is boredom & what to do with them.. when they are.. WORTHLESS. My best guess..is a combination of DRUGS & COMPUTER GAMES”

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@Grady_Booch cypherpunk engineers are an order of magnitude better at applied robust systems engineering, because it's not a 9-5 job, it's a mission to save the world from digital dystopia. it has to do more than work, it has to be anti-fragile and incentive compatible.

Love the pic, text is also appealing 🤣
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My visible confusion when I explain that proof of work binds the real world to the digital world to friends and family and they still choose to remain in the matrix.

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in action: 🤯

Sending 60M sats from a node with 152M outbound to a node with 112M inbound. 10 iterations, 30 routes, 13 seconds. Without prior knowledge about the network!

Testnet, 2xTOR, ignoring low base fees


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Here's my 4+ hour conversation with @saifedean about Austrian economics, anarchy, history, money, power, and Bitcoin. He has strong opinions, but they're backed by a brilliance and a systematic way of thinking that makes for a fascinating conversation. youtube.com/watch?v=gp4U5aH_T6

This is the way 💪⚡
Opening a channel as I send this tweet.
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Brand new node up and running!

Using (@Core_LN) with for optimal routing (thanks to @renepickhardt).

Feel free to open a channel to me: amboss.space/node/0279f06eba0e

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Increasingly? Where did you pull that fact?

mining 58% renewable energy and climbing.

No other industry boasts this. twitter.com/CleanUpBitcoin/sta

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wasn't designed to be slow, expensive, this, or that.

was designed to allow a digital instrument to travel across space and time, forever.

Lightning is a payment standard that uses this digital instrument to enable value to travel at the speed of light.

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Wow @Bitcoinbeach donated 10.000.000 SATs. 19% of the goal reached

We will use that money to fix the School Computer’s Room, onboard the kids, and keep doing the tasks of our roadmap

Support the first Brazilian Bitcoin Economy. Our proof of work is here

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So, here is your question pleb, if everyone of you logged in to their exchange and withdrew their Bitcoin right now, do you think the exchanges have all that Bitcoin available to honour all the IOU Bitcoin they have issued?


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Introducing - Bitcoin Beach Brazil. Jericoacoara is a virgin beach hidden behind the dunes of the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil. @BitcoinBeachBR has been going strong since late last year building infrastructure and on-boarding businesses.

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In Mastering Bitcoin @aantonop describes the size of bitcoin’s private key space. This astronomically large number is still 2 digits smaller than possible combinations of seed phrases.

priv. key 1.1579209e+77 vs. seed 2.9642775e+79

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Astonishing @nytimes chart of home equity wealth by generation.

Over the past 2 years US home owners gained more than *$6 trillion* in housing wealth.

These gains have almost entirely gone to those born before 1980, while millennials are mostly locked out of home ownership.

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@sovereignmonkey @bitcoinpods @saylor @Eric_BIGfund @TIP_Network @PrestonPysh @elonmusk Hey @elonmusk, let’s play!

If I win, @saylor, @Eric_BIGfund, and I get to attempt to fix @Twitter’s spambot problems with and Lightning

🤓 twitter.com/jackmallers/status

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@saylor @elonmusk @Twitter I also shared this idea with @Twitter

Given that @Twitter is already a @Strike partner with our API, a proof-of-concept would take a day or two.

Anyone could make a micropayment to @Twitter over Lightning, verifying themselves, and the spam would be dead.

fixes this

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