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$1.9 trillion / 328.2 million people = $5,789.15

The $1,400 is a scam.

I do not promote following banks, but sharing the awareness that, Bitcoin is unstoppable and slowly will have to be accepted by everyone 😉
The smallest unit of Bitcoin is known as Satoshi named after the presumed creator of Bitcoin- Satoshi Nakamoto. To make one bitcoin, you need approximately one hundred million Satoshis.
Isn’t that interesting? To know more follow @HDFC_Bank

“Inflation is the surest way to fertilize the rich man’s field with the sweat of the poor man’s brow.”
- Charles Holt Carroll
House passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, sends it to Senate cnb.cx/2ZVpaFs

"There’s no way for any node in the network to know that the block they received was created by their peer, or relayed by their peer. All they know is if it’s valid or not, and if it is they send it along, if it’s not, they don’t." @StopAndDecrypt

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Please have a good read of this article if In doubt.
Miners require to connect to a Node (for example their own or a mining pool node) to verify & broadcast blocks. But a Node doesn't hav to be a miner.
A 51% attack is about hashrate usage not node control

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MIT you can monitor my ass.
F*ck you & the Gov surveillance.

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This article is shit, HOW do they think "a bad actor is going to capture a majority share of nodes" what the heck does that even mean? I OWN & MONITOR MY NODES, I decide what protocol to run. Thr writer struggles to understand Mining is not the same as having decentralized nodes.
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MIT announces 4-year project that seeks to strengthen the Network Security thedailychain.com/mit-announce

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Hedge funds can share stock tips at fancy private dinners, but average citizens can’t discuss them on the internet.

Makes sense.

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The SEC will suspend trading if retail investors use social media to work together. Meanwhile, while large hedge funds manipulate the market with billions of dollars, the SEC kisses their feet.

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"En la Historia de la humanidad se ve que las personas no valoran tanto la libertad y detestan la responsabilidad, por eso las aplicaciones de comunicación que son populares tienen una puerta trasera y las controla el Estado"

Amén, @Ko01Zero


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Someone just moved another $579m of

This is the 3rd half billion dollar transaction since yesterday.
It's probably nothing...

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If she doesn’t want you in a bear market, she doesn’t deserve you in a bull run.

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Important development in ! Stone Ridge filed with the SEC to become first open-ended mutual fund to buy .

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Thank you @michael_saylor & @stephanlivera . Phenomenal course on bitcoin that I would recommend to everyone, AND IT’S FREE!

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The FED just discontinued the M2 money supply chart. They will no longer be updating it.

Are you ready for hyperinflation?

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