My tweets stopped synchronizing with this app so I've kind of abandon it to be honest ...
If I find another way to automatically share what I post here I will be more active

I'm bored and NFT's autographs just make me laugh.

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is everything people don’t know about computers, combined with everything they don’t know about money.” - @kiarabickers

Look at the beauty that just arrived! @ctdl21 vol. 5!
Packaging was robust and avoided the mailpeople folding my zine! Nice one!

Look at the beauty that just arrived! @ctdl21 vol. 5!
Packaging was robust and avoided the mailpeople to fold my zine! Nice one!

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MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~205 bitcoins for ~$10.0 million in cash at an average price of ~$48,888 per . As of 3/5/2021, we ~91,064 bitcoins acquired for ~$2.196 billion at an average price of ~$24,119 per bitcoin. $MSTR

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Defining moment that helped me to become an open source contributor

In 2012 @timberners_lee (inventor of the WorldWideWeb) told me in front of 2000 people:

Imagine how you want the world to be. How would it look like? And then GO GEEK! JUST CODE IT UP!

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It’s no wonder that most people don’t “trust” .

Central banks spread monetary propaganda because it’s absolutely vital for them to make sure we keep believing the fiat system works, even though it clearly doesn’t.

Without the people’s trust, fiat money is worthless.

Anyone knows how to set up a @BTCPayServer to be able to receive Bitcoin lightning donations on @Twitch by putting a link that generates new adresses all the time? Also would be awesome to get the amount of sats and the donation message onscreen through a @streamlabs screen alert

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It's a bit emotional for me to talk about this, but I will say that Len posted pseudonymously on the cypherpunks list constantly, including at least one fleshed-out and long-lived handle, and even I didn't know what it was

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A 0.22 btc payment was just send over lightning. That is over $10.000,-

I guess we'll have to call it a macro payment.

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The state of Kentucky has now approved a bill to give miners a tax break on electricity.

Saludos @Lunaticoin no se si ya lo habrás leído, pero te menciono ya que me ha parecido interesante. A @alfremancera se lo he pasado por DM 😅 pero ahora os menciono a ambos a ver si podéis comentar alguna opinión 😋

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Enjoy reading stuff like this with interesting theories. Also it feels like having a small window open to observe events & tech preceding ...Remailers, Cypherpunks, RPOW, Decentralization and the pursuit for anonymity+freedom... it's all very interesting indeed!
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this is super compelling for possible creator of @lensassaman

Oh dear... deleted my last RT after reading this...
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We have currently been unable to verify this report but are working hard to do so.

Top Recommendation: Don't use @bottlepay - They are merely middlemen and should be reminded that they serve the market not the other way around. They went out of business once before.

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is the Stanford Marshmallow Test for adults and societies

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