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I just published "Gravity", first part of a series of 4 articles about Bitcoin's PoW, its properties and its efficiency.

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Given that people asked me whether the London Bitcoin Devs meetup had video, I guess it might be worth advertising that there's already three talks up on youtube (thanks to @michaelfolkson) :

Chris Belcher on Joinmarket (the first one)
Me on schnorr sigs and their basis in ZKP ideas (second)
John Light on bitseed and bitcoin full nodes (third)

John Newbery's will be next.

On the BCH/BSV split. The ego is always fragmented. There is no "integrity" in their minds. They were destined to split. CSW is a personification of "ego" and as Kant said, "the exterior is a reflection of the interior." Their mental fragmentation is manifesting. I hope for no more bailouts. As Nietzsche said, "Make a bed for the weak, but a hard bed."

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We are all CEO of the Lightning Network, except for Craig Wright. 🤣

I must say that it feels good to be here. Peaceful, like the eye of a hurricane. Long live BTC. Thank you @nvk and @MrHodl (Steve) 😁🙏

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Helping bcash not only propped up that scam, but it also artificially prolonged the life of bad actors Bitmain so they can potentially IPO. Remember ASICBOOST and the Patent? I guess someone didn't. This is the Bitcoin equivalent of a Central Bank bailout of a failing company, that will now continue to drain resources and poison against Bitcoin. They should have been allowed to fail and liquidate. Then someone ethical would have bought them out and made them beneficial.

I saw this on David Harding's profile page and it made a peaceful impression.

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