“Domestic terrorist” is the new “super predator”

Do smart people buy bitcoin?
Or does buying bitcoin make you smart?

What's your fav alternative to YouTube?

What did you spend more time on today?

This Mastodon instance has given me so much hope. Appreciate y'all.

Remember when US Government Bonds were "risk-free" 😂

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- Mastodon is a federated and open version of twitter. You can use choose between multiple different competing public and private servers called instances. You can also run and use your own instance which is best practice from a trust perspective. Users can interact and 'follow' across instances.

- DMs are not encrypted so instance admins can read them.

- The bitcoinhackers instance is run by @nvk who we trust to keep it up, protect our privacy, and to not censor us.

We're a meme or two or way from replacing bitcoin twitter. You love to see it.

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Were the events on 1/6 staged or not?

Where are the safest places in the US and world for the next decade?

Decentralization matters because decentralization = resiliency and anti-fragility.


The bitcoin memes are coming to Mastodon, you love to see it.

Is there a way to prioritize popular "toots" on Mastodon?

I think this is one of the great advantages Twitter has right now.

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The "no inflation" crowd cracks me up.

They've gaslighted you about covid, the election, "peaceful protests," anti-racism racism, gender "equality," global warming (I mean "human-caused climate change") and you think their NOT gaslighting you about inflation?!?


Jack's influence on retail bitcoiners worries me.

I suspect Square will lead the corporate charge to try and co-opt bitcoin for their interests.

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