Bitcoiners replies to this dystopian thread tell the real story.

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@ernesturtasun The EU wants this. You should ask why.

Do 99.9% interact in illegal activities?


Will you catch the 0.1% bad actors?

Also no.

Do you understand the implications this will have?

No. But you still regulate it.

Control. That is what you are after.

The face of evil.
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1/Deal! After months of negotiations with the Council, we agreed the most ambitious travel rule for transfers of crypto-assets in the world. We are putting an end to the wild west of unregulated crypto, closing major loopholes in the European anti-money laundering rules. Thread👇

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Banks help launder $2 trillion: 🤷‍♂️
Bitcoiner sends €1,000 to exchange: 🧐


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Bear markets expose who is in it for the money and who is in it for the revolution.

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Speak to me my people, thoughts? All black or black and white? Don't say both.

Maximus Bitcoin Mashup | MAXI's Working Over Time To Save Us All From Brandolini's Law | 6/23/2022

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What the FATFuck is this 😖
Now I need a reason for holding my own keys!?!

TBF, it's already enforced in US, EU, …
Doesn't make it right!!
This mass surveillance is turning into oppression. Enough!
Japan, Bitflyer, for once stand your ground & protect people's Freedom!

Possibly the worst profile bio I've ever seen on BT. Feeling sad for these clueless people 😞

Governments are supposed to work FOR the people, not AGAINST.
offers a peaceful opt-out solution.

But how do we shrink these monster states that grew way too big & powerful?
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We will not rest until Julian Assange walks free. He's being politically persecuted for letting the world know about the crimes committed by our governments in our name.

That is the reason why he's in prison. That is why they want him dead.

radically changes thousands of years of unfair monetary policies & their terrible outcomes.

A money controlled by *nobody* is the key. Learn about it.

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