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Thread of clips showing Common Law being enforced to launch investigation into crimes against humanity.

This is incredible.

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The COVID Vaccine Is Under Investigation in the UK

Crimes being cited:
-Misfeasance/misconduct in public office
-Conspiracy to commit bodily harm
-Crimes against humanity
-Breaches of the Nuremberg Code

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Excellent compilation of vaccine passport protests across Europe from Tucker Carlson along with a sobering interview with Dutch philosopher @EvaVlaar on the West's tragic decline into outright tyranny: 👇

"We are literally turning into China."

Correct 💯
Their evil plot isn't secret at all.
They've been promoting it openly for years.

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Despite repeated misinformation being shared online about the "Great Reset”, this sustainability plan proposed by the World Economic Forum is not a secret plot to end private property or create a totalitarian state. Read more here: reut.rs/3Fxrnu5, reut.rs/2NnALdz

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Meanwhile uses 0.14% of the worlds energy production in 2022 🤡

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This interview with Burton exec Craig Smith on their Xinjiang operations is absolutely unreal

BBC: "Your government believes genocide is happening there"

Smith: "Yeah"

BBC: "But you're happy to have a business there. You don't see a problem with that?"

Smith: "No, not at all"

@Koin_cache @Panterabch @huckfinne @SamouraiWallet These BCH people are either scammers, or ignorant and blind.

In complete denial that's for sure 🤦


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I mean, seriously, this is a deep fake. Right? Has to be 😨
How are we still tolerating these parasites?!! 😖

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This can't be real 😳
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NOW - Klaus Schwab opens World Economic Forum's virtual "Davos Agenda" and introduces China's Xi Jinping.

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This is clear indication Australian authorities regard this as a political matter, not public safety. PM Morrison’s attempt to frame Australian citizens as victims of Djokovic’s private health decision is a naked exercise in tyrannical political power.


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