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I'm developing an enhancement for Mastadon to support distributed instances to further extend the decentralized nature of the platform.

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Sure have been dippin'.

An automated, weekly deposit couldn't have come at a better time.

Decentralization will disrupt all sectors, not just money.

Bitcoin is on the forefront and is the only viable solution when it comes to people's wealth.

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Found this "elephant in the room" gem on YouTube.

Brilliant Draghi trolling 😂.

Just wait on the trillions Biden will be printing soon. Get in cheap before any of that takes place. With the dems in control, it'll happen quite quick.

Money printers are warming up. Brrr...

I've been involved with tech/Internet development for over 26+ years, and I gotta give Mastadon much props.

This platform truly encompasses what the spirit social media really should be and represents what/how the Internet should ultimately be used.

Grade A stuff here!👍

Bitcoin is literally one of history's greatest psyops.

How level-headed are you?🧠

Those with the strongest convictions will always be the first to be greatly rewarded :bitcoin:

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Let's crowdsource some twitter to fedi exodus best practices.

Some ideas:

* Link your mastodon (or other fediverse) account(s) in your twitter bio.
* Post here first, twitter second.
* Prioritize engaging here.

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My original projection for 2021, the same I drew up Summer 2020, is playing out as expected.

I had a 30-40k floor with a upper target of ~146k. Even those numbers seem wildly undervalued...

I think it's mostly psychological for me, aware that Bitcoin will be worth millions by the end of this decade.

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