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How do I know we're going to go through another bear market?

The shitcoins are pumping too much for this to be the final cycle.

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The collateral damages of misplaced priorities.

Ethtards freaking out about BNB flipping their 💩 coin is the funniest shit lol

"BuT iT's NoT dEcEnTrAlIsEd" Hahaha yeah, neither is Eth you fucking donkey!

Bitcoin is gonna explode out of this fucking wedge on the weekly and I can't escape the thought that I still don't have enough! FUCK!

They don’t want you to save, they want you to consume. Then they bitch about how much:

Land you own.
Electricity you use.
Food you consume.
Fuel you burn.
Plastics you use.
Gas you emit.

Savings tech is the answer to minimalize consumerism. Fuggin idiots.

Most people will never understand bitcoin, even after hyperbitcoinisation. They will never understand fiat money, they will never understand government incompetence, they will never take responsibility for their lives. Most people are both unwilling and incapable of such achievements. Bitcoin selects the truly elite members of society, the truly deserving; it enriches and empowers them. The revolution is coming, and it will be glorious.

Stack like thousands of multi-billion dollar companies are trying to get them all before you do. Because they are.

Check this out - A former member of the Tasmanian Parliament creates his own money in the 80s. Promptly gets taken to Federal Court where the feds spend 22 mil prosecuting him, only for him to win! Dude now calls himself the "Grand Duke of Avram," and continues to operate his bank.

What a fucking legend! Dude is channelling serious bitcoiner energy here!

Lies we are constantly being told:

* Capitalism is bad.
* Human greed is bad.
* Inequality is bad.

The truth is:

* Capitalism is natural.
* Greed is natural.
* Inequality is natural.

Nature is not "bad". Nature works just fine. The proof is that we have made it this far.

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The game “Monopoly” sold for $2 in 1935. In the box, you get monopoly money.

That original stack of monopoly money from 1935 is worth $50 as a collectors item.

Monopoly money literally holds more value than your fiat currency.

The is a distraction, the GME squeeze isn't even over yet. The Autists are wising up to this too ->

Just hodl BTC and go about your business. If you're looking to gamble buy that defi shit named after food

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