So is @FranckLeroy whole deal that he's just a luddite bitcoin hater due to grossly mis-placed (but I guess well intentioned?) climate concerns?

If so, wow! They do say it's a good plan to pick your cause and fight for it but fuck dude, you really want to die on the hill for the incumbent financial system? You really want to be remembered as one of those guys who saw BTC before 100K and not only didn't buy, but screeched to anyone that would listen that it consumes a lot of energy?


@JackFreckle Yes I do. And not only I think Bitcoin is an environmental disaster, I also think crpytos currency in genral are bad on the long run. They weaken states in favor of pure market and pave the path toward neo-feodalism

@FranckLeroy Do you not see the value in having a monetary system with a fixed supply?

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that Bitcoin had zero environmental impact (I don't know how that would work but humour me). In that case, would you see the value in it?

@JackFreckle I would only support a crypto that :
- Is not based on POW
- Embeds a mechanism of redistribution

Duniter is a french experiment doing in that direction :

Cryptos currencies are a libertarian project aiming at death of states in favor of pure market. THey are a trap for the working class on the long run.

@FranckLeroy @duniter

I fail to see how a working class person who saves their wealth in an asset such as bitcoin is harmed by doing so.

I believe States have far too much unchecked power and control at the moment. I don't believe it is just that a single government institution, the members of which are unelected, can create as much money as they want (literally billions of dollars every week) and allocate it to privileged market participants at will.

@FranckLeroy @duniter

Regarding your ideal of re-distribution. How is that meant to work in the long run? Are you suggesting that you redistribute (aka rob) from the productive members of society and give to the unproductive? If so, why would you think creating this perverse incentive is a good thing? Why would the productive work if they aren't rewarded for doing so?

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