Talking to a friend yesterday and he tells me how he's not comfortable investing in BTC because "there's no fundamentals." Proceeds to shill me his stonk pick (a niche pharmaceutical company) thinking that he has a grasp on its "intrinsic" value. Also reckons diversification with precious metals is a better way to manage a portfolio. 😂

Fucking idiot

1. BTC has amazing fundamentals, you just have to stop watching the TA/trading youtubers to figure that out

2. Good luck outperforming BTC with your stonks. Seriously, good luck, you'll need it. Moreover, in an ultra low interest rate environment your fundamental analysis of the stonk is meaningless

3. You're young, diversification is for protecting your wealth, and even then, only in a fiat world. You don't have any serious money to protect, and even if you did, BTC is the better way to do it

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