Fear and greed; up and down. I just keep stacking

This dip is super fucking healthy and I love it. Zoom out; this is exactly what we needed for the long-term run to 100K.

Yes! keep fucking falling; I've got fresh fiat coming my way in a couple days and I'm hungry for cheap sats

So conflicted in this bull market:

1. Bored of BTC in the 50s, when moon?
2. Scared of BTC mooning because I won't be able to stack more
3. Hating all of the shitcoins pumping
4. If BTC moons, shitcoins probably moon more
5. Kinda want a massive dip back to 20, but also no, I definitely don't want that


I genuinely think the only way to stay sane and productive on the internet is to ignore the overwhelming majority of people. Of course, you immediately create an echo-chamber for yourself, which can be dangerous. But the alternative involves constantly dealing with trolls, idiots, and people who you have fundamental, and irreconcilable, ideological disagreements with. Better to stay in your bubble, only to occasionally poke your head out so as to orient yourself and check your biases.

So is @FranckLeroy whole deal that he's just a luddite bitcoin hater due to grossly mis-placed (but I guess well intentioned?) climate concerns?

If so, wow! They do say it's a good plan to pick your cause and fight for it but fuck dude, you really want to die on the hill for the incumbent financial system? You really want to be remembered as one of those guys who saw BTC before 100K and not only didn't buy, but screeched to anyone that would listen that it consumes a lot of energy?


1. BTC has amazing fundamentals, you just have to stop watching the TA/trading youtubers to figure that out

2. Good luck outperforming BTC with your stonks. Seriously, good luck, you'll need it. Moreover, in an ultra low interest rate environment your fundamental analysis of the stonk is meaningless

3. You're young, diversification is for protecting your wealth, and even then, only in a fiat world. You don't have any serious money to protect, and even if you did, BTC is the better way to do it

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Talking to a friend yesterday and he tells me how he's not comfortable investing in BTC because "there's no fundamentals." Proceeds to shill me his stonk pick (a niche pharmaceutical company) thinking that he has a grasp on its "intrinsic" value. Also reckons diversification with precious metals is a better way to manage a portfolio. 😂

Fucking idiot

Under 50K BTC is gonna look so fucking cheap in a couple of months, let alone a couple of years

This purge is healthy. The shitcoins pumped way too fucking much, the degens need to get slapped, HARD, for us to move higher.

BTFD, stack sats, stay humble

I don't give a fuck if he created HashCash, to think that Bitcoin doesn't have a form of governance is ridiculous.

WTF is a UASF if not a decentralised form of governance? WTF has this multi-month long debate regarding taproot activation been if not a form of governance.

FFS, of course Bitcoin has governance. The key difference being that there is no single entity or institution that has complete control

The U.S will experience _______ over the next decade? And why?

Fucking loving the cheap sats on sale, keep it up! Pay-day is tomorrow and you know I'm yeeting those cuckbucks into the hardest money mankind has ever seen 😂

Fuck yeah, love this dip. Cheap sats and shitcoiner tears BEAUTIFUL

BTC goes up: Fuck yeah, my stack has more purchasing power. But now I can't buy as much with my worthless fiat.

BTC goes down: Damn, my stack has less purchasing power. But now I can buy more with my worthless fiat.

Price movements either way are both good and bad, just depends on your perspective

JFC Traders are going mental

24h Volume > 4x Market Cap

Fuck, I love Bitcoin

I would be so lost without it

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