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Do people still use this or did they return to Twitter

Do people still use this or is it dead like disco ?

I'm still here.. notifications stopped alerting me so I stopped paying attention

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Coinbase doesnt care about your btcusd worries

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@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

Cryptodon isnt nearly as angry as crypto Twitter

Tron is literally a shitcoin

TRON and MOSHROOM Join Hands to Bring Life Changes with Blockchain

Recently, TRON has formed a strategic partnership with MOSHROOM, a leading portable smart toilet supplier in China. The two partners will…

name jacking is already happening in cryptocob. Lmao this us why we can't have nice things

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Like Mastodon but prefer Twitter's UI/UX? Well I have good news for you: There's an alternative web client called Halcyon that looks / acts just like Twitter. Their terms are really short and acceptable (don't trust me, read it).

They also take Bitcoin donations, so they're down with us.

I personally prefer the multi-column layout, but I figured this would be useful to peeps.

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@beautyon I FOR ONE, WANT TO FRENCH KISS @verretor and @dandarkpill. I also want to french kiss john mcafee and fuck craig wright. I AM CLOSETTED BUT I AM ALPHA TO ADMIT IT

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Bitcoin Mastodon probably now has more hourly users than all Ethereum dApps combined.

hmm does that mean i have to bring @whalecalls here ?

that worked but @duudl3 isnt going to like that that means

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